VR center Bangkok

VR center Bangkok offers a lot of VR gaming and experience for you. There are so many centers in Bangkok where you can experience its quite confusing which is the best VR center in Bangkok. You can find a lot VR center located in the big malls, shopping streets, among the clothing shops, restaurants and also at dedicated VR center in Bangkok. But choosing the best and right one for you is time consuming and tiring, you don’t have the time to try multiple centers and find the best one out of it. Don’t worry after reading our interesting blog, you will have the perfect and clear idea where to start off your VR experience and VR center Bangkok.

VR Center in Bangkok

VR venues

As you might know there is a multitude of VR venues and VR center  Bangkok. But which one is the right one for you? Most of the VR venues can be find across the streets, malls and also at VR cafes as well. Bangkok VR rental provides you the best VR venue you can get. We have our own dedicated VR arena and entertainment space just for you VR experience. You can book our VR venue “ Bangkok Secret Garden “  for your private VR gaming and fun with delicious multi cuisine food and drinks service, with unlimited access to our petanque field ,foosball table and for the kids and adult the Jacuzzi. If your pet lover and want to have fun time it’s the right place. Avoid the crowdy VR venues in commercial centers with long queue to play and prohibitive rates to opt for your intimate VR venue in Bangkok.

best VR gaming in Bangkok

VR arcades

So, what is VR arcades? VR arcades is a space allowing anyone to understand and experience the value of Virtual reality and augmented reality along with a range of educational experiences too. VR center Bangkok are very common in Bangkok, this is quite a mission to find a real VR arcade with all the VR equipment needed for a full immersion. VR arcades offer its users a full range of VR equipment including VR treadmills, VR arcade games and much more. Feel free to contact us to find out the best VR arcade based on your requirements.

VR event

VR anywhere

If you go around Bangkok, you can find a lot of VR venues and center. VR anywhere and can be found everywhere. If you are not sure how to find the perfect one and need a guide for your VR , Bangkok VR Rental is offer you the best time for your gaming and entertainment  offering VR systems that do not require any computer or bulky cables, yet offering the best definitions and VR experiences in the market. We are offering the state-of-the-art VR systems such as Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 which make it the perfect VR equipment for rentals and VR event organization. No need to transport heavy computers and spend hours to set up the VR system at the new place. Our VR headsets can be delivered in 20 minutes anywhere in Bangkok and can be set up in less than 3 minutes. We also offer a technical assistance for first time users and beginners.  Play VR directly at your home or at your event venue, with Bangkok VR rentals.

Virtual reality organizations

VR for your event

Be it teambuilding, kids birthday party , or any other VR for your event, you can contact us and we will be heling you out how to organize the best VR event of your own. Directly at your doorstep we will deliver the VR and guide you to how to use it  if you are a beginner.

Virtual reality for your team building event in Bangkok

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