Virtual reality Oculus Quest 2

As you might know if you follow the industry new, the new generation is finally out and available in Bangkok and in Thailand! You can now rent the infamous Oculus Quest 2 for your event (virtual reality birthdays, team building event, etc) or privately for gaming and virtual reality session with your friends and family, directly delivered to your doorstep. Let’s dig into the selection of virtual reality headsets and see why the virtual reality Oculus Quest 2 is the best headset currently on the market.

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality started with a phone you had to place in a headset and was initially launched by Samsung (Samgung Gear). A long road has been run through since this technology has been first launched. There are a multitude of high definition headsets on the market (HTC Vive Index, Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift S, etc) but they all have the same weakness in common: They all need a powerful computer to be plugged to, with a special cable, that remains there while you play. The result is that it is restraining your feeling of freedom as you need to stay very close to the computer and you can get entangled in the cables when playing virtual reality.

Virtual Reality head set

Oculus Quest 1

The virtual reality Oculus Quest 1 headset arrived as a significant revolution in the industry as it offers a high definition system, that can be operated anywhere, without the need of powerful computer and bulky cables. The virtual reality Oculus Quest 1 has won 90% the VR market since its launch thanks to its amazing flexibility and its new features (hand tracking, etc). The quality is very high but still inferior to some of the computer plugged VR headsets, but this is noticeable only by professional gamers. They have a wide range of VR games and experiences that you can try with Bangkok VR rentals.

VR rental in Bangkok

Oculus Quest 2

Released on October 13th, 2020, here come the savor! The virtual reality Oculus Quest 2 is the natural following of the virtual reality Oculus Quest 1. Lighter, with more VR options in all industries (Education, Medical, Corporate, advertising, real estate and of course gaming), it offers an equal or higher quality definition than the other PC VR headsets. It is important to notice that while any other VR headsets weight between 600 and 1000 grams and must be linked to a computer through some cables, the virtual reality Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t need any cable is weight only 503 grams! This is why ‘’Bangkok VR rentals’’ decided to invest heavily in the virtual reality Oculus Quest 2, to be able to offer the best definition headset on the market, offering a total freedom for your Virtual reality event in Bangkok.

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