OUR VISION – Rent virtual reality in Bangkok

At VR rental Bangkok, we are passionate about Virtual reality and our goal is to democratize this state-of-the-heart technology. Virtual reality is the new video game system that everyone is talking about and we want to offer the opportunity for starters to try the Virtual reality system before investing in their buy virtual reality in Bangkok. We also have deep event organization experience, and are offering Virtual reality based events in Bangkok: rent virtual reality in Bangkok for your Team Building and corporate events, Promotional events and conferences, kids’ birthday parties, VR parties and much more!


Our Virtual reality headsets are brand new and have the system integrated into the machine itself. Means, you don’t need any computer, cables, etc hence making the setup of the headset lasting less than 3 minutes. You can play as soon as you get your headset. Please note that can provide casting systems to share your view with all your friends, family or colleagues on big screens or projectors. We also update our equipment with the latest available updates. We are currently offering the most advanced VR headsets in the market, Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2. We got numerous headsets, so can offer team cohesion and co-op games/ applications when you rent virtual reality in Bangkok.


As you might know, there are many Virtual reality venues in Bangkok, however, there are very pricy, you need to travel there and you don’t get the privacy one might need when using such devices. We therefore offering to deliver your HD Virtual reality equipment right to your door or for your event in Bangkok for a bargained rental rate. You won’t find cheaper anywhere else if you want to rent virtual reality in Bangkok!


For beginners, we can also offer the support of our technical team to show you how to operate the VR headset you rented and make the most of it presenting all options available. Out technical team can as well assist you during the whole duration of your event in Bangkok or in Thailand, when you rent virtual reality in Bangkok. If you are living in Bangkok, looking for a fun trendy activity or event, Bangkok VR rental is the solution!
VR rental in Bangkok

Why rent virtual reality in Bangkok with Bangkok VR rentals

First of all, it is essential to emphasize on the virtual reality headset that we are offering. While other companies are offering obsolete VR systems, using bulky computer and cable, to be played at their VR center only, we are offering the highest resolution and most convenient virtual reality system that do not need any computer or bulky cable that will curl up your body while you are playing. It makes it easy for us to be leader in the market and offer virtual reality rentals and event organization in Bangkok, as our VR headsets do not need computers to perform. So we can deliver them to your doorstep with our friendly messenger and we can bring them easily for your virtual reality event, whatever the type of the event in Bangkok. 

We are passionate about our VR systems and virtual reality in general so we will be always happy to discuss your requirements with you and suggest the most adapted option for your needs. We offer a technical assistance service when you rent virtual reality in Bangkok and we offer fun animation for your VR events. 

We also offer a multitude of VR games and VR experiences to fulfil any request you might have, and we always update our game library with the most recent and trendy games and experiences on the market.

We also offer the best rates on the market, for the most advanced VR systems and best technical assistance.

Now you know why you should rent virtual reality in Bangkok with us!