Rent VR in Bangkok

Rent Vr in Bangkok

What is Virtual Reality?

What is virtual reality? Rent VR in Bangkok is the new modern tool to travel away for the ‘’usual reality’’. Nowadays, computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets are present in our daily private and corporate life and enable new technologies to come to life. VR technology now bring yourself or your audience to a brand new environment they never experienced before. If you ever tried VR in the past, you can agree, it is an amazing modern experience and this is now available for rental in Bangkok!.

There are numerous reason in hiring a VR headset, including sharing new experiences with your colleagues, friends, family or clients and introduce them a brand new technology showing that are up to date with the current modern technology available. We are anticipating the VR use for events becoming the ‘’norm’’ in a few years. Be the first one to live and share this amazing experience with Bangkok VR Rentals! Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality? 

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality? Augmented reality is a mix for virtual and real life experiences, as developers can create images and videos with an application that will be blended with the real world. Users are then able to interact with virtual content but in the real world. Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

 History of VR

The History of VR experience sates from 70 years ago with very basic features and has been constantly improved, with an exponential evolution in the last few years. This is Jaron Lanier, founder of the visual Programming Lab who came up with the ‘’Virutal Reality’’ term. Company was the first one to develop VR googles in the 80’s. If you want to rent a VR set in Bangkok, we can now offer VR headset to rent without using any computers or cables and with a wide range of games and experiences. Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

How does VR work?

How does VR work? – VR is unique is the sense it places the use inside a digital experience as opposed as a flat experience. It creates an illusion for the user, changing his vision of the world, same way as magic trick: fooling your senses into believing what you are experiencing.

VR woks by mixing the same scene from different angles, this process is known as stereoscopy. The head-tracking, which move your experience perspective the same way your head is moving in real life. You therefore get both 3D perspective and the ability to move around a naturel way.

Ok, technical stuff out of the way, what are you waiting to rent your virtual reality equipment in Bangkok? Link to ‘’VR hire’’

How does VR work? Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

VR is opening a new world of opportunities in several industries such as VR parties, VR gaming, advertisement, training, TV program and movies, tours of venues and much more!

  • Military training: VR is used to train medics and soldiers through battlefield simulation and extra indoor training.

  • Healthcare: Doctors can train to operate patients through the VR without any risk but it can also be used to help stroke and brain injuries victims, physical therapies and much more. 

  • Education: The VR potential in the education industry is huge, either for teaching or learning and virtual schools can be set up to virtually visit museums, galleries, etc.

  • Space: NASA have been using VR for decades to train and improve the astronauts’ quality of life for long term missions in the space.

  • Travel organizations: Not sure where to go for your next holidays? You can now experience your potential destination through VR to choose your ideal destination beforehand. You can also virtually visit the hotel you plan to book.

  • Music videos: One particular music video, Duke Du Mont – As Long as I Got You, features a young man at home with a cup of tea, having a headset delivered, he puts it on and he is partying on the beach in Thailand! Now that’s impressive.

  • Sports: athletes and amateurs can now experience their favorite sport through Virtual Reality. Spectators can now attend their favorite match, even if not able to be there physically by experiencing in live a 360 degree view of the stadium.

  • Concerts and shows: Users from all over the world can now experience a live concert directly from their home or sofa without having to be physically present. This is ideal for fans who do not want to physically mix with the crowd. Paul McCartney gave a free virtual 360 of his concert.

  • Shopping: VR offers a new way to shop: You can see the items like you were in front of them and shop directly from your home for more convenience.

  • Marketing & Advertising: The most current use of VR at event is for advertising products, movies, services, fashion and music. Interstellar created an experience where users feel as though they are in the cockpit of the spaceship from the movie.

  • Crime: VR enables to recreate a crime scene for better understand what happened and a jury could be virtually brought directly to the crime scene.

  • Overcoming fears: VR can expose willing users to their ultimate fears to cope with them and improve their life. I was personally frighten of heights and really decreased my fear by playing the ‘’planking’’ experience on Oculus quest.

Despite the numerous use of VR devices, the main use is for personal gaming and supporting team building events. What use will you do with the virtual reality headset you rented in Bangkok? Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

VR Headset To Rent

There are numerous headset now available on the market, but which VR Headset to rent?

First of all choose the headset equipped with the right games and experience for the use you plan to do with it.

Second, opt for a devices without associated computer or cable. In this case, no need to spent huge amount of time setting up your headset, hence more time enjoying the experience. Moreover, this is not convenient to use a VR headset with cable as it greatly limits the use you can do with it in term of space but also you do not want to constantly keep your legs and arms in cable when you are playing.

There are nowadays several brands of quality VR headsets such as ‘’Merge VR’’, ‘’Samsung Gear VR’’, ‘’HTC Vive’’, ‘’Playstation VR’’ and all the line of ‘’Oculus VR’’ headsets.

Please note that most of these headset need a powerful computer to operate their devices and comes with cable to plug to the computer or consoles making the set up time very long and making the games not convenient to play. 

For these reasons, we always recommend to use the ‘’Oculus Quest’’ headset, following the ‘’Oculus Rift’’ and ‘’Oculus Go’’ the ‘’Oculus quest is the ONLYU headset without cable not requiring a computer to be used, the operating system is placed inside the headset, for a total weight of only 300 grams, lighter than any other headsets, which give you total freedom of move and extra convenience. Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

How Can I book my VR Headset? 

How can i book my VR headset? You just need to sign our rental agreement, deposit 2,000thb with the VR rental fee (depends on your equipment and period needed), give us your delivery address in Bangkok (or nearby). That’s it! Your Deposit will be refunded to your bank account once you return the VR headset with Virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? As you might know VR venues charge about 500THB / hour for a bulky, full of cables, equipment.

We charge ONLY 990THB /day (22 hours), for a state-of-the-art equipment without cable that you can enjoy with your family and friends in your comfy home nest, with virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok

What games do you have?

What games do you have? -We have all kinds of games (Shooting, puzzle, platform, kids educational, VR experiences, etc), you can check our game list on the link here (Go to ‘’games’’ page) for your virtual reality Bangkok – Rent VR in Bangkok 

Do you provide technical assistance?

Do you provide technical assistance- Yes, we provide IT support on demand and based on your need. If you rent for a casual use, we can have our technical team set up the system for you and explain the games and leave you enjoy, if you rent for a kid birthday or a team building event, we provide onsite technical team to help but also ANIMATE your event. Let us know your need so we can suggest the best option! – Rent VR in Bangkok 

Can I cast the headset to my screen (TV, projector, etc)?

Can i cast the headset to my screen(TV, projector,etc)?Yes, you just need to rent our ‘’google chrome cast’’ device to cast your headset to any kind of display device for an additional fee of only 200thb/ day.

If you want to rent a virtual reality equipment in Bangkok, opt for the infamous ‘’Oculus Quest’’ with Bangkok VR Rentals! – Rent VR in Bangkok