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RENT VR Equipment in bangkok TO TRY FIRST STEPS VR


Rent VR Equipment in Bangkok to Take your first steps in VR and get to know your controllers in this short experience that showcases the power of Oculus Quest.
This application will help you discover and master all of the possibilities of the virtual reality world by making you test them!
You will have the possibility through a tutorial to experience the power of the virtual reality and discover all of the features available and how to use them well!

You will learn how to interact with your environment, grab items, throw them, open them and use them in virtual reality. This VR experience is definitely the for the first time users that did not have any VR experience in the past. First Step VR is also ideal for young kids who want to try VR without feeling frustrated as they might be with more evolved VR games and applications.

This game offers an exhaustive experience of what VR has to offer in term of interaction, and is especially ideal for kids or new time users. You can even launch a dancing session with the first step robot to improve your Salsa moves!

On top of that, this is a free application that is available with the Oculus Quest when you rent VR equipment in Bangkok!

Rent VR Equipment in Bangkok


Have you ever tried to Rent VR Equipment in Bangkok? Don’t you want to try it? In Bangkok, you have now the possibility to do it. Try a rental in Bangkok, experience this brand new technology and be amazed by the possibilities!

While other providers got stuck on obsolete VR equipment, with low resolution, bulky computer and cables, Bangkok VR rentals offer to rent VR equipment in Bangkok, with the most advance VR headset, without any computer and cable required, offering the top quality resolution available on the market. How VR headsets weight only 500 grams, are easy to transport and can be setup in 3 minutes at your event location or at your home.

You will love to try it and will want to do another rental just to continue to explore this brand new world!

Additionally, these experiences are made for the Virtual Technology headset in order to let you live an unforgettable experience!

Offer brand new experiences to your kids for their birthday party or any family celebration, make them try new experiences and impress their friends when you rent VR equipment in Bangkok.

If you feel like discovering something new is what you need, try it now and Rent VR Equipment in Bangkok!

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Don’t even worry about it, when you rent VR Equipment in Bangkok, we offer our Technical Team Support are here for you!

It should be noted that we bring you a full technical support during your rent in Bangkok. You will obviously have the fun that you deserve without thinking about theses boring issues. Do the good move and try to rent VR Equipment in Bangkok.

Finally, try now to discover all of the possibilities the Virtual Reality can offer and Rent VR equipment in Bangkok now! You are in safe hands with your VR equipment provider in Bangkok: Bangkok VR rentals. You can now rent state-of-the -art VR equipment, anytime, anywhere in Bangkok!

To conclude, try a rental of Virtual Reality headset to jump into this brand new world in Bangkok! Be sure to contact us in order to try it as soon as possible!