Educational VR experiences

Educational VR for schools

Educational VR experiences and applications are becoming mainstream and are more and more used in the school whatever the level or class. Educational VR allows the teachers and student to actively interact with their topic.

The main brakes to these virtual reality educational applications is first that they might be quite costly and second that it is not easy to move or transport the VR equipment with the heavy powerful computer needed to operate it.

First good news, you do not have to allocate a heavy budget to buy these equipment, it is now possible to rent the VR headsets and equipment only for the sessions and topic you find relevant to explore in virtual reality.

Second, with the VR equipment provided by ”Bangkok VR rentals”, you do not need anymore any powerful computer or bulky cables. Our VR headsets are the latest generation with the highest definition on the market and the system is already integrated inside the headset so you do not need to operate and transport heavy computer at each use. We are using the Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 technologies, with the lightest VR headset in the market, only 512 grams. 

Educational VR for primary schools

Educational VR for primary schools

More and more primary schools use educational VR to teach their pupils. It allows the students to learn actively by interacting with the topic in virtual reality. Virtual reality for schools is transforming the way educational contents are delivered to students. Virtual reality educational applications help the kids developing their social skills and multi-user cooperation. The only issue is the high cost of these educational VR equipment, but with Bangkok VR rentals, we will assist you in finding the right educational VR experiences, based on your requirements and budget. We will be glad to come to your school offering a free demonstration so you can better understand the opportunities VR applications have to offer for schools and education in general.

Educational VR for secondary schools

Kid VR experiences

Imagine the boost in students’ enthusiasm when you offer them to use virtual reality experiences to learn a new topic! All Virtual reality applications for schools can be tailor made in order to match the topic in discussion. For the secondary school it is especially relevant in History, Geography and Science. The topics where the visual support and exploration possibilities are primordial. You have a lesson on the Everest mount? Why not bring the student to climb the Everest in Virtual reality to experience themselves the thrill and increase their motivation to learn about the topic?

Educational VR for universities

Virtual reality applications for universities are now widespread in the world, and the best university in the world are automatically offering them to their students. These virtual reality applications are especially relevant in the universities of architecture, medicine, engineering, etc. Student will get a sound training through these  VR applications to interact with the topic. Imagine a medicine student learning how to operate on a human body: in virtual reality, no worries if a mistake is done, the app will tell you what went wrong and you can directly start again until you succeed, without any unfortunate outcome. Architecture student can now design in 3D through these VR applications for education. The era of designing on paper and operating on corpse is long gone, leaving room for a much more interactive and realistic approach through our VR applications and experiences for universities.

Educational VR for universities

If you manage a school in Bangkok or you are a teacher interested in the future of teaching, we will be glad to come to your school and offer a free of charge demonstration to your colleagues and students!