VR Team Building Event in Bangkok

WHY WOULD YOU USE VR for your team building event in BAngkok?

Nowadays, technology allowed us to do several activities with new devices. Imaginate, cooperate and create is now easy, thanks to the virtual reality. Try your VR team building event in Bangkok now!

Play games in cooperation, solve different problems, find the right solution. You will need to cooperate and to trust each other in order to go further! For example, you will need to find the solution and try to communicate what you see to your team. Additionally, these applications are made to be done in team. Also, there is a lot of types of applications so everyone can play and have fun during their VR team building event in Bangkok.

Virtual reality for team building event in Bangkok

WHY THE RENT VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET for your VR team building event in Bangkok

Rent a VR Headset in Bangkok have never been that easy.

We got 20+ years experience of team building event organization in Bangkok and in Thailand. Moreover, we have worked with the most famous international groups for their team building event in Bangkok such as: Microsoft, Ducati, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Dell, Gucci, Ahlstrom, Bacardi, Marriot, Essilor and hundreds more. Once they used our service once, they never had to look anywhere else.

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The only thing you need is a VR headset, a team and your imagination. You can create an art contest and determine who is the most creative of the team! Your palette is your imagination, the possibilities are endless. On top of that, you can battle against each other on a car race or make the more points than the other on Beat Saber! Rent a VR headset, be delivered in Bangkok, create anything you think about and battle against each other!

during your VR team building event in Bangkok. We offer a multitude of VR experiences to enhance your team cohesion within your company. We offer numerous VR escape rooms that will need team efforts to get out from. We also can arrange a VR session of brainstorming and ice-breaking thanks to the wide potential of our VR equipment and services.  

VR team building event in Bangkok


Virtual reality for your corporate event in Bangkok

Our Technical team support will help you during your VR team building event in in Bangkok!

The possibilities are as long as your imagination. If you prefer test yourself on an agility games, you will have a lot of choices. If you think your team will prefer shooting games, you have this possibility. But in Bangkok, if you have any difficulties that your imagination can’t surpass, we are here for you. As you can create a piece of art in 3D, your talent have no more limit. You are the only decider, if the device can’t follow your imagination, we are here for you!

Rent your VR headset for your VR team building event in Bangkok and contest together or against each others!


Beat Saber lets you contest on a rhythm game
Super Hot is a gun game where you stop time when you are not moving. Gravity Sketch is ideal for create models and show it to everybody. We got all the perfect fun games for your VR team building event in Bangkok!

In conclusion, the VR technology is ideal to express your imagination and develop team cohesion and interactions between employees. With our team building event organization experience and our portable advanced VR systems, all you need is to do is let us know your requirements and let us impress your with our VR service for your VR team building event in Bangkok! 

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