rediscover your favorite songs and music with adapted maps on beat saber VR. With more than 100 customs songs, challenge your friends and family or try to beat your own records on your favorite fast paced songs. Our headset are equipped with calories losing tracker to evaluate your calories lost and your heartbeat, it is amazing the  number of calories you can loose once you master the game mechanisms.

If you are not familiar with VR, we would suggest to start with this game to get into the matrix and spend a much deserved fun time. Beat saber VR is the most popular VR game in the world, whatever your age, sex or gaming skills! 

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A lot of people are unboxing their Oculus Quest wireless virtual reality headset and the first game they’re heading for is Beat Saber VR, the VR rhythm games where you slice red or blue cubes with light sabers as they come at you to the beat of music.

Use your reflexes, spatial landmark, rhythmic and precision skills to go through each map and win the challenges of beat saber VR!

With the growing interest of VR amateurs for beat saber VR, this game is now available in multiplayer mode in our state-of-the-art Oculus quest 2. Challenge your friends and family online, even if there living in another country or across the world, gather with your friends for exciting beat saber VR games and show them your power!

There are plenty of other rhythm VR games available on our system, but beat saber has become the standard in the industry, played daily by million of users to improve their skills or lose some weight. If you never tried VR, you should start by this game, a must have from our VR games collection!

We also organize regular beat saber VR contests in Bangkok, usually in a nice private venue, in Bangkok center. You can contact us now to check where and when will the next event be hold and maybe become the new beat saber VR champion in Bangkok!

Other VR Rhythm Games

A significant number of the best VR fitness games are virtual reality rhythm games. While some make you dance to music, others use it to help supplement the ongoing player interaction and guide the player’s developments. To make it simpler for you to locate the correct game for you, we here at Bangkok VR Rentals have thought of a rundown of the top VR Rhythm games so everybody can discover one that they will mess around with. You will hear some out great music and shed pounds while playing, what’s superior to that? Discover Other VR Rhythm Games.


The best VR rhythm games viable with the freshest Oculus Touch-Music Inside!
What might it feel want to hop inside the music? To see and feel the heartbeat of the music and to cooperate with it! Think beyond practical boundaries, in light of the fact that regardless of what is in your mind, it will work out.

Dance Collider

Dance Collider is a definitive arcade dance and the best in the Rhythm Games. Put on your headset and enter a modern existence where artists fight covertly underground rivalries. Assume 9 personalities from around the world. They will toss down some insane dance moves so be prepared!


Highlights our most in-your-face exercises to date arranged to 18 pristine music tracks.”Best VR Fitness Game of the Year” – VR Fitness Insider. “BoxVR is the quintessential wellness game for VR” – ForbesIntended to give us back the excitement we lost in exercising, BoxVR is the best VR Rhythm dominating VR wellness match where you punch, weave and uppercut your way through exercises so as to siphoning music regardless of what is in your mind, it will work out.