Virtual reality is the newest advanced gaming and entertaining tool in technological industry today.

VR gets the most of all fun activities its being used for, VR has its own unique way of exciting parties such as solo VR experience and cooperate missions. However, VR Party experience is mind blowing technology with games so realistic, which allows you to escape the reality and enter a fantasy world with friends or family for a memorable VR party, total robotic experience where your body is the controller. hug, dance, and high-five your partners in a completely new world, and work together to eliminate enemies, during your VR party in Bangkok!

Bangkok VR Rentals


Moreover, It’s worthy giving VR party a try, with different types options for parties such as birthday parties and social gathering.

VR birthday Party for example, has a lot to offer it’s ensured that you will have a ton of enjoyment all through your experience with VR party, depending upon what kind of people will be at your party, you can look over a wide range of VR experience and locate the best story. For Example beat sabers the Guitar Hero of VR. in this game, hit boxes with light sabers (backsword with a curved blade associated with the light) on your preferred music tracks. perfect for a short demo of the abilities of VR.

Bangkok VR Rentals

Are you looking for a fun and original activity to entertain your party’s guests? With more than hundreds of VR applications and games for every taste, opt for the virtual reality to make your party a real success. With so many co-op and party games, spend an exciting time with your guests or family with our advance VR systems.

Our VR equipment are state-of-the-art with no computer or cable required. No need to have all your friends and family meeting at a VR venue, you can now rent the VR headsets with the highest resolution on the market to enjoy your VR party in the intimacy of your own home.

With less than 3 minute setup and delivery directly to your doorstep, enjoy your VRF party in total privacy and dare to experience what you would not have in a VR center or VR arcade, while enjoying the comfort of your own home. Moreover, we offer to rent multiple VR systems in order to play co-op, shooting or fighting games together or one against the other. 

We offer technical assistance for first time users and we remain at your disposal anytime to help you with any situation you might get stuck into. We would be glad to discuss your requirement to suggest the best VR games and VR experiences for your VR party in Bangkok. 

It is also important to mention that ,as opposed as any standard party, Participants of a VR party do not have to stay in the same room or the same location. With connected VR headsets you can have your VR party with your friends and family even they live on the other side of the world. This is particularly relevant since Covid hit and social distancing has been the ”new normal”. Teenagers nowadays do no go to concert anymore but enjoy their concert through virtual realty to live their experience to the fullest and make the most of it.

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Corporate party, Birthday party, bachelor party, Hen nights, weddings – So many celebrations coming up! Step outside the box and impress your friends, family and colleagues by organizing a VR party. We have 20 year + experience in party planning and we offer the best quality HD VR headsets available on the market. 2 minutes setup, no computer or cable required, with a wide range of VR games and breathtaking VR experiences, enjoy your VR party anywhere, anytime with Bangkok VR rentals! Contact us for more details, we will be glad to help you setup an extraordinary VR party for you at our VR venue or at your own venue!