Virtual reality for school in Bangkok

Education has been the base of our thriving society and educational institutions are constantly looking for some ways to make knowledge transfer more quickly, more easily and effectively. Before student and pupils were using pens and notebooks, then they used computers and tablets. Virtual reality for school will be become the new standard in the very near future. What are you waiting to try virtual reality for school?

Virtual reality for education

Virtual reality is commonly associated to entertainment but if you get interest in the subject you will quickly find out that the significance of virtual reality for education. When you look at the best schools and universities in the world, they are already using virtual reality for education to provide an immersive experience and better comprehension of the subject studied. Virtual reality for school and education is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays. Virtual reality for school seems to be the next step that will transform the way educational content is provided.

VR Application

Virtual reality innovation for schools

Before computers, we had a powerful tool to learn: Books. Books are now turned into e-books. E-book are now being replaced by immersive virtual reality innovation for school. With the technological innovations, knowledge has become more available for students. However, students are just learning fact but are not living the real experience, and too much information are provided is a short period of time that can overwhelm students. As a result, they become bored and disengaged. Virtual reality innovation for schools enhance student learning and engagement. It allows the student not only to learn fact and live the experience in virtual reality but it also allow to interact with the topic discussed.

Virtual Reality educational experiences

When student learn about something, they often would like to experience it, not being limited by descriptions, texts and illustrations. Virtual reality educational experiences offer to explore the topic and see the reality of it. It is easy to forget fact but more difficult to forget experiences your lived. Virtual reality educational experiences bring abstract concepts to life, take your student on an adventure with virtual reality educational experiences. Try virtual reality for school now!

Virtual reality field trip for schools

We offer a multitude of virtual reality field trip for schools. Embark your students in a journey to the Louvre Museum, under the sea, at the age of dinosaurs or event into the space for an immersive learning experience. Offer them an adventure they will remember and will allow them to better understand the place they are visiting. Learn geography, History, Science, Architecture, medicine, and much more with virtual reality for schools!

Virtual Reality for Schools

High tech virtual training

Virtual reality for schools can be especially relevant with in the High tech and medical sector. Students have the opportunity to learn by acting instead or reading passively which stimulate all their senses and making the experience more memorable. It also let the students develop their creativity and trigger some emotional reaction through visual and interactive learning.

VR Arcade

Group and distance learning with Virtual reality

Student can now create their avatar and facial expressions to interreact which each other within to subject in order to synthetize and learn from each other’s. The Covid19 pandemic situation showed us the importance of distance learning. Virtual reality for schools allows us to link teachers and students, they can be put together in the same room with digital avatars, teacher will be there to guide students through their experiences and learning curves, even from across the world!

Distance Learning

Virtual reality for schools and education is changing the way of learning as we know it. If you look closely at the virtual reality industry, 59% of program are made for educational purpose against only 41% for entertainment and gaming purpose. Virtual reality for schools will inspire a new generation of young and clever students, ready to innovate and change the world!

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