VR in Bangkok

VR in Bangkok has now become a destination for people to enjoy their passion for gaming , experience the real world through virtual reality, even at schools to teach kids more of practical , or it could be even teambuilding for the corporates and architecture’ s  who wants to show their interior work to their clients it’s all possible. The entertainment is growing in Bangkok thanks to the VR and more number of people are using and renting the headset that takes then to the world of reality and d magic. VR in Bangkok has been at increase recently with a number of VR provider merging, but only few are worth your time.  Choosing the best and right one is confusing for beginners to start of the experience with VR in Bangkok. But, we are here to guide and help you of choosing the right one for you.

VR in Bangkok

Best VR in Bangkok

There are different VR out there in market. The PlayStation VR , HTC vive cosmos, Oculus quest 2. So you might thinking which one the best for you. Our first advice would be to try VR in Bangkok before rushing in buying one. Numerous people who bought a VR headset in Bangkok, are subjected to ‘’Motion Sickness’’ that could be compared to ‘’sea sickness’’ and are obliged to resell their VR headset after having used it only 1 time. You can either come to our VR venue in Bangkok or simply rent a VR headset to enjoy your VR time in total privacy. For both options, we provide technical assistance for VR in Bangkok. We would be proud to be the first ones introducing VR to you and bringing you in the virtual world for the first time! Virtual reality in Bangkok has gained a lot of attention and enjoyments in the recent years. . We suggest the famous Oculus quest 2 since its much lighter and powerful than the Oculus quest . Read more on our blogs why Oculus quest 2 is the famous.

Best VR in Bangkok

Virtual reality in Bangkok

New technological advancement has made people excited and curious every second, so is the virtual reality which has changed people life and situations. Virtual reality is growing increasingly growing in demand all the over the world and its immense popularity has reached Thailand and in Bangkok. Virtual reality in Bangkok has brought a major boost. in the tourism sector as well. Thailand is country majorly known for the tourism now thanks to the advancement in technology, VR in  Bangkok has taken the tourism into next level.  So where can you experience Virtual reality in Bangkok? What should I do to to play virtual reality in Bangkok? Yes, you have come to the right place, we are here to help you with your first virtual reality.

VR Rental in Bangkok

VR rental in Bangkok

There are several virtual reality rental in Bangkok, which are quite pricy and equipped with obsolete VR technology. Bangkok VR Rental has the best venue only dedicated for VR which is located in the center of Bangkok (Sukhumvit soi 26). With Oculus Quest 2 VR equipment (no computer or bulky cables required) enjoy your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom. Possibility to play indoor or outdoor and cast your VR experiences on our big screen TVS or projector to share the moment with your family and friends. Our VR venue is most friendly in Bangkok, but we can also organize your VR event at your own venue! Once again, no computers or cable required make the installation and setup lest less than 2 minutes to maximize your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom!

VR Event in Bangkok

VR event in Bangkok

VR events  in Bangkok are taking place almost every minute and it is making waves wave’s at event and trade shows around the world, from visiting natural wonders to watching sporting events. Many of the companies are adopting the practice of using virtual reality to market the products, engage customers, and immensely providing compelling sensory experience. Virtual reality is gaining popularity in the event industry. There is huge potential of this technology among event planners and event management platform. VR provides state of the art virtuality for cooperate events, team building for employees and staff, trade shows and exhibitions, conferences, private parties, and general events suitable for your needs.


Virtual reality

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