VR Hostel in Bangkok

VR hostel in Bangkok is possible? Yes, it is.  There are VR fans and gamers out there who wants to enjoy the VR all day and night. So, VR hostel in Bangkok has taken key role in their life. Especially if you want to explore the gaming , or watch a movie all day , design a product for your marketing for teambuilding  , giving your employees the concept of a particular task and showing them and making them understand will take a day or two. VR hostel in Bangkok has made it easy for everyone to use the VR more than a day or maybe even a month. If there is an event you can use the VR hostel in Bangkok to stay and plan the event which makes the event organizer easy and convenient. So how many days can you stay at a VR hostel in Bangkok. As long as you want. It can be a day or two or event a month or even more. It all depends on your need and requirement of your VR or VR event. So where can I stay for long and enjoy my VR gaming? Let’s find out

VR hostel Bangkok

VR Hostel in Bangkok center

VR hostel in Bangkok center has many places to hang around and have fun. So where Is it possible? You can book your stay at Bangkok VR Rental. Many gamers and VR enthusiast has come to our place to stayover enjoying the comfortable and relaxing stay. We have a venue and room for VR. We provide the best VR room service in Bangkok. Not just the stay, if you love food then it’s the right place our Chef provides you the mouthwatering and delicious multi cuisine food and fusion food of French and Thai( the food might make you stay longer) not just that we got a Jacuzzi at our venue and if you love pets you can pet cats and dog. Not every VR hostel in Bangkok has home friendly service since most of them is located at the city and are not pet friendly. We assure our guest gets the best service in town and best VR  experience providing you professional support as well. So what are you waiting for? Pack up and come enjoy your VR stay make it a memorable and enjoyable one with VR rental.

VR venue in Bangkok

As you might know there is a multitude of VR venues in Bangkok and VR Hostel in Bangkok

 . But which one is the right one for you? Most of the VR venues in Bangkok can be find across the streets, malls and also at VR cafes as well. Bangkok VR rental provides you the best VR venue you can get. We have our own dedicated VR arena and entertainment space just for you VR experience. You can book our VR venue “ Bangkok Secret Garden “  for your private VR gaming and fun with delicious multi cuisine food and drinks service, with unlimited access to our petanque field ,foosball table and for the kids and adult the Jacuzzi. If your pet lover and want to have fun time it’s the right place. Avoid the crowdy VR venues in commercial centers with long queue to play and prohibitive rates to opt for your intimate VR venue in Bangkok.

VR venue in Bangkok

VR rental in Bangkok ​

Just like VR Hostel in Bangkok you can VR rental in Bangkok. There are several virtual reality rental in Bangkok, which are quite pricy and equipped with obsolete VR technology. Bangkok VR Rental has the best venue only dedicated for VR which is located in the center of Bangkok (Sukhumvit soi 26). With Oculus Quest 2 VR equipment (no computer or bulky cables required) enjoy your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom. Possibility to play indoor or outdoor and cast your VR experiences on our big screen TVS or projector to share the moment with your family and friends. Our VR venue is most friendly in Bangkok, but we can also organize your VR event at your own venue! Once again, no computers or cable required make the installation and setup lest less than 2 minutes to maximize your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom!

VR rental in Bangkok

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