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Virtual reality has come a long way in recent years and there is more choice than ever before. Regardless of your set up, your budget or the size of your living space, there is more likely to be a headset that’s suits and fits perfect for you. With VR headsets improving and sliding into the mainstream, there are more VR games than ever before and the best VR games offers you high quality, high octane entertainment and immersion. There is list of categories you can choose the VR games from such as the Adventure games, Co-op games such as infamous beat saber where you can enjoy the multiplayer, VR fighting games etc.  Bangkok VR rentals offers a wider variety of VR games to enjoy with your friends, colleagues, and family. You can experience these VR games and experience at our venue in Bangkok or we can deliver your VR games directly at your doorstep. Our VR experience come with our virtual reality Oculus Quest 2, the state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment, without any computer or bulky cables. Come join us with some adventurous and breathtaking games like Bait VR games, Death lap VR games, and much more.

Best VR game

Category of VR games

There are different category of VR games, there are individual VR games, multiplayer VR games and online VR games. Some VR games place players in physical combat environments, while others involve less adversarial pursuits, such as auto racing and acrobatic flying. Other VR games include either alone or challenging your opponent to beat a score, moving objects or explore new places. There are a multitude of high definition headset on the market HTC Vive Cosmos, PlayStation VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest. All these high definition headsets have their own developed VR games. VR generally can be categorized into three types which are non-immersive, semi-immersive and fully- immersive simulations. Fully immersive simulation comes with head mounted displays, headphones, gloves and maybe a treadmill. This type of VR is commonly used for gaming and entertainment purposes in VR arcades and gives the users the best realistic experience possible. Semi- immersive experience provides users with a partially virtual environment to interact with. This type of VR often used for educational purpose and training. Non immersive are typically considered the average video game.             

Category of VR games

VR experiences

Do you know what it’s like to be a pilot or holding the famous lightsaber from Star Wars fighting against the evil Darth Vader, being in the battlefield killing your enemy? Yes, with VR all your dreams and childhood fantasy has come to reality. Virtual reality is now part of day to day activities in very platform. It not only provides room for VR games and gaming and fun but also play a crucial role in other industries like education where students with learning difficulties can easily understand the concepts through virtual reality providing them hands on experience as well which is the best mode of practice. VR experiences also helped medical students at hospitals who can treat patients and perform virtual surgeries getting better insight of the work. Architectures has made the better use; thanks to virtual reality they can now present their project to their clients. VR experience differs from person to person, whether it is VR gaming , managers  marketing their newly introduced product, teambuilding or lecturers using as a study material  the benefit and time involved is worth it.   

VR Games

VR movies

When you think about VR movies what comes to your mind? “ Ready player One “ the famous movie by Steven Spielberg ?  Yes, Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming anymore. VR movies are becoming mainstream with several Hollywood directors jumping on board with a new approach to storytelling. Gone are the days where movies at theater or home watched with 3D glasses, experience the next era of story telling with VR movies taking you one a whole new level journey, giving you the feel where you are acting or part of the movie. Virtual reality is on the rise, and while apps and games get a ton of press, VR movies are amazing for a number of reasons. For starters, there are much more immersive than their non-VR counterparts, thanks to the 360 degrees you can watch many of VR movies which makes them much more interesting. Plus you are likely to see something new every time you watch thanks to the fact you can have the 360 degree look around while you are watching. While the whole concept of VR movies looks interesting, there are certain drawback which keeps them underdeveloped. Some VR movies suffer from poor story telling which may disappoint some movie lovers out there. The fact that there really aren’t any full- length features films were you will be limited to watching short films. But there are famous VR movies out there like the scary and chilling “ The Conjuring” and “ IT” and kids can enjoy “ Invasion” which is the award winning short  film filled with colors. The future is getting much innovated and updated every second, so will be the virtual reality.

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Bangkok VR rentals offers a variety of VR games to enjoy with friends, colleagues and family. You can experience these VR experiences at our venue in Bangkok center or we can deliver your VR games directly at your doorstep! Our VR experiences come with our virtual reality system Oculus Quest 2, the state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment, without any computer or bulky cables. Enjoy VR in total freedom with your friends and family and contact us if you need any assistance or need specific games. We offer 24/7 customer service to please our clients and maximize their VR experiences with Bangk0k VR rentals, no need to worry, we are here for you at all times.

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BAIT - VR games

Want to cut yourself from the fast pace real world and savor some relaxing time fishing in paradisiac landscapes? 

Bait is definitely the next game you are getting my mom or your girlfriend to try.

Everything else disappear and you enjoy an immediate moment of pure relaxation in the comfort of our VR headsets.

DEATH LAP - VR games

Death Lap is a VR combat racing game that challenges you to drive to survive. Just point and shoot to destroy everything in your path. Hit the road, perform drifts and stunts, navigate traps, unleash your weapons and special abilities, and enjoy the chaos of its battlefields.

Do you like Mario Kart on Nintendo? Then let yourself get amazed by this new generation VR game available with Bangkok VR rentals. Use one hand to drive and one hand to shoot your opponents during this fast paced racing game in virtual reality!

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VR games

Despite virtual reality in nowadays used widely for education, architecture, 3D products development, business, advertising, real estate, medical and tourism area, the main use of VR is still for gaming purpose. Virtual reality offers a wide variety of VR games to try and enjoy in Bangkok, such as VR adventure games, VR shooting games, VR escape rooms, VR puzzles, VR rhythm games, and much more!

Moreover our Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 are the perfect companion for your gaming session as they allow you to use these VR systems without any computer or bulky cables required, offering a freedom of move never offered so far, for the best resolution on the market. 

This makes them the ideal VR systems for VR rentals, VR gaming and VR event in Bangkok and in Thailand in general. With very cheap delivery fee (no computer required, 500gm per headset) and an easy 2 minutes set up, get you VR gaming session going on anywhere, anytime with Bangkok VR rentals!

Besides our own VR venue at ”Bangkok secret garden”, a lovely VR venue in Bangkok center (Sukhumvit soi 26), we offer virtual reality for any event such as birthday parties, team building events or any celebration occasion you might think of. With our 20+ years experience in animation and event organization, ask us for some details, we will come up with VR applications and experiences that will blow your mind and impress your guests!

Our advance VR systems are also available for rent for private usage, directly delivered to your doorstep or to be picked up at our shop for a quick free of charge training to show you the huge potential of our VR games and VR systems.

We cannot list all our VR experiences here as we offer a multitude of VR games and experiences, but you can contact us so we can send you the list of VR applications on each on our VR headsets. If you need specific VR games, we will be glad to get them for you to maximize your fun experience. Contact us and ask us our list of VR games now!