Virtual reality price in Bangkok

As you might know, there are many Virtual reality venues in Bangkok, however, there are very pricy, you need to travel there and you don’t get the privacy one might need when using such devices. We therefore offering to deliver your HD Virtual reality equipment right to your door or for your event in Bangkok for a bargained rental rate. You won’t find cheaper anywhere else if you want to rent virtual reality in Bangkok! Virtual reality price in Bangkok offers different price, but Bangkok VR Rental offer exclusive price starting from 590 baht for basic private rental and for Private rental with set up support staff at 1590 baht and for any of your event at 5,599 with full set up and  animation. Check on our home page for more details.

Virtual reality price in Bangkok

 Buy virtual reality in Bangkok

So where can you buy virtual reality in Bangkok? Yes, you have come the right place. You can rent easily with just a click of the mouse on our website and we directly and deliver at your doorstep. You can directly place the order at our website, or you can call us and we make sure that you will never get disappointed with our wonderful service in Bangkok.

VR rental in Bangkok

Before buying a VR headset

So before buying A VR headset you need to consider many things before it get started. Virtual reality may not be comfortable for everyone. Since it involves motion and video with real life it can be difficult at times. Our first advice would be to try VR in Bangkok before rushing in buying one. Numerous people who bought a VR headset in Bangkok, are subjected to ‘’Motion Sickness’’ that could be compared to ‘’sea sickness’’ and are obliged to resell their VR headset after having used it only 1 time. Where can I try VR in Bangkok then? ou can either come to our VR venue in Bangkok or simply rent a VR headset to enjoy your VR time in total privacy. For both options, we provide technical assistance for VR in Bangkok. We would be proud to be the first ones introducing VR to you and bringing you in the virtual world for the first time! We offer the best VR experience for you and it will be a memorable one.  You can rent from us for your kids birthday party, team building event, or for marketing your newly introduced product in the market. We offer the rates in the market for VR in Bangkok and offer the latest state-of-the-art VR technology with our Oculus Quest 2 headsets, the only VR in Bangkok without any computer or cable, with the highest definition available on the market. 

buy virtual reality equipment in Bangkok

Why buy a VR headset

So now is the question Why buy a VR headset and what is virtual reality price in Bangkok. So the use of VR is beyond our imagination. VR has multiple use and benefits. Experts are still exploring and finding out the use of it. There is huge potential of this technology among event planners and event management platform. Virtual reality provides state of the art virtuality  for cooperate events, team building for employees and staff, trade shows and exhibitions, conferences, private parties, and general events suitable for your needs. Virtual reality event Bangkok are found everywhere so get ready for the exciting event.

Virtual reality rental price in Bangkok

The Virtual Reality market is more and more developed and propose a lot of diversity in their functionality and the games available on the platform.

During one of your events, you could rent a virtual reality headset in order to organize funny games with your friends, your team or your family.

On top of that, the rent of a virtual reality headset is really easy and cheap as it is really expensive to buy one and having all the games on the device is also expensive. Think out of the box, think virtual reality for your event in Bangkok! Virtual reality rental price can be detailed seen at our website for the best and exclusive price. So hurry up , get your VR and enjoy.

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