Rent Virtual Reality for your event in Bangkok

The Virtual Reality market is more and more developed and propose a lot of diversity in their functionality and the games available on the platform.

During one of your events, you could rent a virtual reality headset in order to organize funny games with your friends, your team or your family.

On top of that, the rent of a virtual reality headset is really easy and cheap as it is really expensive to buy one and having all the games on the device is also expensive. Think out of the box, think virtual reality for your event in Bangkok!

If you want to organize an event where you want to scare your guests, you can choose a lot of scary games if you rent a virtual reality headset!

Renting virtual reality for your event in Bangkok is the good move to an event where everybody will have fun.

virtual reality event Bangkok


If you have two virtual reality headsets, you will be able to play the co-op games available!

During your event, you will be able to do some activity in cooperation which are way different than solo games.

You can organize tournament on some games in order to do some competitive events and of course you will be able to do some puzzle games in cooperation.

The fun is better when you are not alone so rent two virtual reality headsets to play co-op games!

Co-op VR games rental in Bangkok


Nowadays, there is all sort of games available, from the shooting games to the sport games and the movies.

If you are organizing an event, everyone will be happy because of all of the possibilities available.

Our VR rental services are particularly popular for corporate and team building events in Bangkok.

You are organizing events for a Child’s birthday, you can rent a virtual reality headset and play games designed for them!

You are organizing an art event, you can organize a drawing contest with artistic games available!

On top of that, it is really easy to rent a virtual reality headset in Bangkok!

Do the good move and rent it now in Bangkok for your events!

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