Virtual reality for birthday party in Bangkok

virtual reality for birthday party in Bangkok

Are you looking for a new way to have fun with your family? The boards games doesn’t interest you anymore as you have played them a thousand times? We offer Virtual Reality for birthday party in Bangkok!

With this device, you can connect it to your TV, smartphone or projector and let everybody see the fun of the games available.

A lot of different types of games are available on the Virtual Reality Headset and everyone will be able to test them and to challenge the others!

Adventure games, Shooting games, Sport games, Rhythm games and much more virtual reality for birthday party in Bangkok!

Everyone will be able to participate during this funny family event and this is the point of that.

We are providing virtual reality rental for birthday party for users who are familiar with our VR systems, but we can also provide a VR technician to assist you and make sure you make the most of your event without having to struggle with the VR technology. Beside the VR rental for your birthday party and our VR technician, we can also organize your whole event from A to Z based on your theme and requirements to make the best birthday party your kids will remember their whole life.

Virtual reality can be used of your kids birthday, but also for adults and mixed groups with adults and kids.

Change your family routine and try to rent a Virtual Reality Headset for your Family Events!

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The possibility of combining two Virtual Reality for birthday party in Bangkok is now on!

You can combine Two devices in order to play games designed to be played in cooperation.

You will be able to defend you and your friend from a zombie horde or play tennis table against each other.

On top of that, you can organize a kind of tournament with your family to define which duo is the best!

With the coop games, you can have twice more fun than with a single Virtual Reality Headset for virtual reality for birthday in Bangkok.

We also offer Co-op games that can be played simultaneously from our VR headset and from mobile phones. And this can be done from the same room or even from the other side of the globe. Check our Co-op games and experiences on our page:

Bring your competitive soul and challenge your family in a lot of different games!

Co-op VR games rental in Bangkok


– Racket Fury Table Tennis is a sport games who give you the possibility to play against a computer or against one of your friend with another Virtual Reality Headset. You will be able to challenge your family in order to define who is the best player.

– Beat Saber is a rhythm games where you can defy your family and try to do the highest possible score. You will have to swing your laser sabers in the correct color squared in order to score points and make combos.

– Drop Dead Dual Strike Edition is a shooting game where you have to survive from zombie hordes. You will play in cooperation with one of your friend or family member in order to defeat them without taking any damages.

– Tilt Brush is an artistic game where you can compete with your family in order to create the best piece of art!

Finally, you can easily rent a Virtual Reality Headset by contacting us and have fun with your family during your family days

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