Virtual reality contest in Bangkok

At Bangkok VR rentals, our goal is to make VR accessible to all! Besides offering VR rentals, VR event organization and VR venues, we are also offering the opportunity to VR headset owners to join our regular virtual reality contest in Bangkok. Our experience in event organization gives us the confidence to organize awesome VR tournaments in Bangkok for all ages and all king of VR skills.

Virtual reality contest in Bangkok

VR contest in Bangkok

Although we focus our VR service on private VR events in Bangkok, we also organize regularly VR contest in Bangkok, for anyone who would like to try VR in a fun atmosphere and for VR headset owner looking for an exciting event to show off their skills. Are you bored to play VR by yourself or with random people online? Would you like to meet VR fans alike and share your passion by exchanging VR tips and tricks? Or you would like to try VR in a fun atmosphere with people who are here to share their passion? It is now possible with Bangkok VR rentals! 2020 has been the year of the beat saber contests, it was so fun!!! 2021 is definitely the area of ‘’population one‘’ contests. Form your 3 warriors’ squad to defeat the other 5 teams on this revolutionary VR battle royal shooting game.

VR contest in Bangkok

Where is the next virtual reality contest in Bangkok?

We organized regular virtual reality contest in Bangkok, in different bars and spacious venues to gather the VR community to share their passion. We got partnerships with the best venues in Bangkok, where you enjoy your VR session sipping cocktails, ordering delicious food and chatting with your friends around a few beers. Our favorite venue to chill and enjoy our Virtual reality contests in Bangkok is definitely our ‘’Bangkok Secret Garden’’ where your VR sessions can be combined with foosball contests, petanque contest, jacuzzi sessions, while enjoying the Spanish made Sangria and degusting a delicious BBQ buffet. If you want to check the next location of our virtual reality contest in Bangkok, please have a look at our ‘’Bangkok VR rentals’’ facebook page for the latest updates.

virtual reality tournament Bangkok

When is the next VR tournament in Bangkok?

We are organizing monthly VR tournament in Bangkok, at different locations. Anyone can join, our VR tournaments are organized with different categories of VR experienced users, the VR experts, the VR amateurs, and the VR beginners. So, no worries, whatever your level is you will have great fun during our VR tournament in Bangkok. Participants can join with their own equipment or we can provide our advanced VR systems to the participants who do not own one. If you want to know the date of our next virtual reality contest in Bangkok, please have a look at our facebook page or contact us directly!

VR tournament Bangkok

VR contest for everyone

As mentioned, do not be scared if you do not have an expert level in VR, our contests are open to any kind of age and levels. We also offer a variety of VR games and applications for every tastes. Come and test your VR skills on the most famous VR games such as beat saber or population one against other VR passionate to win the victory. We offer trophies, medals, certificate and many gifts for the winners, but also for the losers! This is a great opportunity to meet persons with the same interest and share your VR passion with them.

Contact us to check the date and location of our next virtual reality contest in Bangkok!

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