VR in Bangkok

VR in Bangkok​

Are you familiar with Virtual reality (VR)? Have you ever tried VR? VR is a simulated experience where anything is possible.

VR application can be for gaming and entertainment purpose but also for educational or even professional purpose. You might note that Augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) are part of the VR experiences.  

VR experiences are available through a VR headsets generating image, sounds and other sensation that stimulate the player’s experience in a virtual environment.  The VR user is capable of listening, seeing and interacting with the selected virtual world they are in.

VR in Bangkok is now possible with a large range of games, experiences, and unique applications without having to invest in expensive VR equipment with Bangkok VR rentals!


Rent VR in Bangkok

You might be interest in VR in Bangkok but you are not sure whether you should buy your own VR headset in Bangkok? Our first advice would be to try VR in Bangkok before rushing in buying one. Numerous people who bought a VR headset in Bangkok, are subjected to ‘’Motion Sickness’’ that could be compared to ‘’sea sickness’’ and are obliged to resell their VR headset after having used it only 1 time. Where can I try VR in Bangkok then? You can either come to our VR venue in Bangkok or simply rent a VR headset to enjoy your VR time in total privacy. For both options, we provide technical assistance for VR in Bangkok. We would be proud to be the first ones introducing VR to you and bringing you in the virtual world for the first time! We offer the rates in the market for VR in Bangkok and offer the latest state-of-the-art VR technology with our Oculus Quest 2 headsets, the only VR in Bangkok without any computer or cable, with the highest definition available on the market. This is without counting our 100+ list of VR games and experiences available only with Bangkok VR rentals!

VR venues in Bangkok

There are several VR venues in Bangkok, all quite pricy and equipped with obsolete VR technology. Aside from our rental services, you can also enjoy VR in Bangkok in our VR venue located in the center of Bangkok (Sukhumvit soi 26).

With Oculus Quest 2 VR equipment (no computer or bulky cables required) enjoy your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom. Possibility to play indoor or outdoor and cast your VR experiences on our big screen TVS or projector to share the moment wit your family and friends.

Our VR venue is most friendly in Bangkok but we can also organize your VR event at your own venue! Once again, no computers or cable required make the installation and setup lest less than 2 minutes to maximize your VR experience in Bangkok in total freedom!

VR chat

Need to communicate with your loves one who are staying far away? Forget Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom and jump into the VR chat application. With VR chat you never felt so close to your family and friends, you can discuss and interreact like they were just next to you and you can also challenge them on small VR games and experiences. Try VR in Bangkok now to chat with your friends and family across the globe and feel like they are next to you to share some quality time!

VR Single

If you want to try VR in Bangkok, you have may options at your disposition, you can come to our VR venue so we can teach you (or challenge you) on the best VR games available on the market, you can hire VR services in Bangkok for your VR event and you can rent a VR headset (or multiple headsets for Co-op games) directly delivered to your doorstep with assistance on demand. So many option for your VR in Bangkok!

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For beginners, we can also offer the support of our technical team to show you how to operate the VR headset you rented and make the most of it presenting all options available. 
Out technical team can as well assist you during the whole duration of your event in Bangkok or in Thailand.

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