Movies amateur and want to push the visioning experience few steps further? You can now enjoy 3D and VR movies from the intimacy of your living-room or bedroom with Bangkok VR rentals. We will see in this articles the various kind of VR movies experience you can have and explain the difference between each of them.


You always wanted toupgrade your movies experience and watch your favorites and new released movies in 3D of in VR? However, you do not want to spend tremendous amount of money for a 3D I-max movie and want to watch your movies in total privacy? It is now possible with Bangkok VR rentals, we provide you the most advanced VR equipment, without any computer or bulky cables required, to enjoy your favorite movies in 3D or in VR  from your own sofa!

Watch 3D movies in Bangkok

3D movies are the base of VR movies. You will enjoy the relief of the images, but the movie will still be inside a screen. You will upgrade your movies experience, but not that much compared to VR movies. 3D is an obsolete technology that is now replaced by the VR technology, for the excitement of all movies enthusiasts. Many 3D movies are available on youtube or we can download them for you before you rent your virtual reality headset with Bangkok VR rentals.

Watch 180 degrees VR movies in Bangkok

VR movies can be watched either in 180 degrees or in 360 degrees. When you are watching a 180 degree VR movie, you will not have any screen involved (as opposed as 3D movies). YOu will get immersed in your movie, but only in front of you, if you look behind you, you will face a dark space. This 180 degree VR movies are ideal for a first time VR movie experience and these movies can be streamed or downloaded as they are not ”so heavy”. You can count about 5 GB for a good quality 180 degrees VR movie. 

Watch 360 degrees VR movies in Bangkok

You want to get the best experience VR movies have to offer? Opt for the 360 degrees VR movies. These movies are still quite rare due to the very advanced technology used to create 360 degrees VR movies. Get immersed 100% in your movie with these kinds of VR movies. Wherever you will look, in front, on the sides or even behind you,, you will find yourself totally inside the movie. Thse movies are very heavy (up to 40 GB) not ideal for streaming due to their significant size but they offer the very best experience for movies amateurs…. until the augmented reality movies arrive on the market!

A lot of short 360 degrees movies have been developed, they are are mostly fun animation movies for kids, and the possibility to interact with the environment of your 260 degrees movies is now here for our pure entertainment!

Where to watch VR movies in Bangkok?

There are many different applications and platforms to watch your VR movies in Bangkok. We will list here the best applications to enhance your VR movies experience. It is important to note that the movies specifications can be setup directly on these system. You are the one choosing if you prefer to watch your movies in 3D, VR 180 or VR 360. 

Youtube VR to watch VR movies in Bangkok

If you are looking for a huge quantity of 3D and VR movies and video clip experiences, Youtube VR will be your best friends. Enjoy endless range of 3D and VR movies on youtube VR, however, the quality expected for VR experience is not always there.

Youtube VR Bangkok

Netflix to watch VR movies in Bangkok

You just need a Netflix subscription to enjoy your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies in the comfort of our VR headset. If you do not have a Netflix subscription, we opened an account specifically to let you enjoy Netflix with your ranting a VR headset from us. Although most movies are not in VR and not even in 3D, you can enjoy your favorite movies in a brand new luxury environment of you own virtual private cinema theater.

Netflix VR in Bangkok

Fox Now to watch VR sport matches in Bangkok

Not much interested in movies but you would like to follow your favorite football or basketball team in VR. Enjoy your favorite matches and sport game like if you were actually there with Foxy viewing, from the comfort of our own sofa! And you can also watch your favorite movies and Tv shows from there!

Watch sport in VR in Bangkok

Prime video VR to watch VR movies in Bangkok

In this app, you can watch all of your favorite Amazon Prime content in a virtual theater. Movies, TV shows, and Amazon’s original content can all be viewed inside your own private cinema.

Watch VR movies in Bangkok

Big screen to watch VR movies in Bangkok

This video streaming application allows you to watch content with your friends. With it, you can stream your PC to your Oculus Quest, whether you want to watch video content or even stream PC games for all your friends to enjoy.

Watch virtual reality movies in Bangkok
Don’t even worry about it, our Technical Team Support are here for you! It should be noted that we bring you a full technical support during your rent in Bangkok. You will obviously have the fun that you deserve without thinking about theses boring issues. Do the good move and try a rental of Virtual Reality headset in Bangkok. Enjoy all the possibilities offered by this new technology and experience new form of experience! Finally, try now to discover all of the possibilities with the Virtual Reality touch and do a rental in Bangkok! To conclude, try a rental of Virtual Reality headset to jump into this brand new wolrd in Bangkok! Be sure to contact us in order to try it as soon as possible!