VR Cafe Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok and you are looking for an incredible VR Cafe, you must definitely visit the Bangkok VR Rentals’ VR Cafe. It is stocked with a modern range of VR gears such as the Oculus and Oculus Quest 2 for an exceptional virtual reality experience. With an Engaging staff for your assistance, you and your friends can enjoy our VR Arcade with a large game selection, large variety of VR movies and VR for Educational purposes. The VR Cafe Bangkok also offers a chance for VR Rental as well. 

VR Single

VR Venue Bangkok

Our VR Venue Bangkok offers a variety of activities. The VR Venue Bangkok is a wide space that can accommodate activities such as VR Escape rooms which can be used for team building. Our VR Venue Bangkok also offers the best events in virtual reality in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. Not located near-by? Our team can organise to bring the VR Venue to your doorstep no matter where you are. The VR Venue can be matched according to your venue preferences as well as bringing you the best VR shows and events as well as movies.

VR Center in Bangkok

Our VR Center in Bangkok has the best virtual reality equipment and is one of the largest VR Center in Bangkok. Our VR Center is also home to VR Cafe Bangkok and to ensure you with the best VR experience possible we have a well-trained and engaging VR team as well as a number of incredible titles ready for your virtual Reality Experience. 

VR Venue in BKK

Virtual Reality Cafe Bangkok

We are the leading Virtual Reality cafe Bangkok with a wide number of titles available which can be played solo or multiplayer so you and your whole family and friends can experience it together. Virtual Reality cafe Bangkok is open to schools, businesses and individuals and we 100% guarantee to make your virtual reality experience amazing. With the large amount of space, we have at the VR Cafe Bangkok we can give users the best virtual reality experience.

VR Center in Bangkok

VR Rental in Bangkok

Do you need VR rental in Bangkok or Thailand and are not sure whether buying it or renting it is a wise choice? Then Bangkok VR Rentals can help! With the best selection and collection of VR equipment for rental such as the wireless Oculus Quest 2 , we offer rentals at an affordable rate. VR rental in Bangkok can be done at VR Cafe Bangkok  or can be delivered to your destination, this is all under certain terms and agreements and will be returned to our office our picked up by us, depending on the date of return. The VR rental in Bangkok can be rented from 4 hours or even for as long as a month. VR gear rental in Bangkok can be rented for many events and activities such as Team Building activities and Kids Birthday Parties. Come share this experience with us because VR Rental in Bangkok has come a long way.

virtual reality hire bangkok TO PLAY pistol whip vr

VR Rental in Bangkok at Our Venue

Would you like to Experience Virtual Reality with no limits like never before? Our VR Rental in Bangkok at  VR Cafe Bangkok is an open space where you can freely use the VR headsets with friends and family. We can cater the space just for you whether you are solo or come in a group our venue is just the right one for you. Our Venue offers VR headsets which are wireless, reducing the bulkiness and need for cables.

VR Rental in Bangkok at Your Venue

Would you like to organise a Virtual Reality event at your venue? Do you want your venue custom made for you? Bangkok VR Rentals has organised many private events for a wide range of occasions and customers for Educational purposes , Team Building events, kids birthdays and parties. VR Cafe Bangkok will be able to provide your venue with the best VR equipment Rental in Bangkok and virtual reality experience directly at your venue no matter the size of the event. We also offer technical support directly at your venue.

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