Virtual reality

Virtual reality, commonly called VR, brings you to a virtual world where everything is possible. There are numerous virtual reality applications that can be used in the entertainment, tourism, medical, architecture and event industry. There are also numerous VR headsets on the market, here a quick guide to learn more about what can be done with this VR equipment:

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Virtual reality Bangkok

You are living in Bangkok and interested to know more about VR? Bangkok VR rentals is here to guide you for the best options based on your budget and requirements. We will assist you selecting the right virtual reality systems, the right VR experiences, the right venue and much more. We offer virtual reality Bangkok for VR event, VR rental, VR venues and VR contests.

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Virtual reality Thailand

Virtual reality is great way to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. Forget Facebook, zoom or Skype to jump in the VR social applications such as Facebook spaces, V-time, Rec-room or even Sansar. These applications allow you to keep in touch with your close ones, by interacting like in the traditional platform but with your avatar and with many activities and places to explore together. If you are living in Bangkok and your family is leaving anywhere else in Thailand, virtual reality Thailand social applications are here for you to keep in touch in a fun and interactive way. But this is worth for anywhere else in the world as well, all you need is a good internet connection and a VR headset from Bangkok VR rentals!

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Virtual reality headsets

There are multitude of virtual reality headset on the market. However, it is important to choose the right based on the intended use, so you do not get stuck with obsolete technologies. Forget about the prehistoric VR headset using a mobile phone (such as Samsung gear), there are not part of the current competition. Which leaves you with the choice between 2 main systems: The VR headsets that you have to plug to a powerful PC or laptop to play games and the VR headsets that do not need any computer or bulky cables. The first category (HTC vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, or Sony PlayStation VR) are clearly ideal for experienced gamers, only to play games, with a powerful PC. The second category (Oculus Quest 1 & Oculus quest 2), have currently the best resolution on the market and do not need any computer or bulky cable which make them the perfect equipment for VR rentals, events and contests.

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Virtual reality Event

Whatever the type of event you are planning (team building event, corporate event, exhibition event, birthday party, bachelor party, etc), have you though of adding a fun twist with VR? Virtual reality event in Bangkok are more and more common, as they allow people to interact and have fun in a complete ne world where everything is possible! With our 20 years+ experience in event organization and our advance virtual reality systems, choosing Bangkok VR rentals for your VR event in Bangkok is the right choice!

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Virtual reality rental

Thanks to our state-of-the-art VR systems, without computer or cable, it is now very easy for us to offer a virtual reality rental service in Bangkok. Not sure if you want to invest in a VR headset now and which one? Want to spend some quality time with your friends and family? Need to plan a fun and original event to impress your guests? It is now possible with our VR rental service, with less than 5 minutes setup, delivery of the equipment to your doorstep and our technical assistance available on demand.

Virtual Reality in Bangkok

Virtual reality party

Despite VR is widely use in the educational, medical or corporate world, one of the main use is for pure entertainment. Organize your VR party in Bangkok to impress your friends and spend some extremely fun time together. Whatever the occasion to celebrate (Birthday party, bachelor party, company party, etc), the VR party is the solution you have been waiting for. Contact us for more details to organize your awesome VR party!

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