Total VR Bangkok

If you are looking for a total VR Bangkok experience, no need to look further. We offer a wide range of VR experiences, games and VR event in Bangkok. Whether you would like to rent VR to play with your friends and family or would like to organize a kickass VR event in Bangkok, we got you covered with our wireless VR systems and our experience in VR event organization.

Total VR Bangkok

Total VR experience in Bangkok

Bangkok VR rentals offers total VR Bangkok solutions for any use you are planning for our VR services in Bangkok. We offer VR gaming experiences, VR educational applications, VR contests, VR private events, VR team cohesion solutions and much more, at our VR venue, at your own venue or at a third-party venue. Our technical and animation team is available on demand for first time users or for your large sized VR event in Bangkok. With Bangkok VR rentals, you have the guaranty of an exhaustive total VR Bangkok experience, in total freedom with our state-of-the-art VR equipment, with our fun and friendly animation team for your VR event or VR rental in Bangkok.

VR experience in Bangkok

Total VR Bangkok

One of the leader in the VR market in Bangkok is ‘’Total VR Bangkok’’, they have nice VR facilities in Bangkok and offer a wide range of VR experiences, unfortunately they are using inconvenient and obsolete VR system, that need to be plugged to gaming computer with bulky cables impeding a smooth VR session, as you will get cables constantly rolling up your legs and you regularly need to check your distance to the computer because of the cables involved. This limit greatly the freedom of move and your overall VR experience, whatever the VR application that you are using. They also cannot offer virtual reality rentals in Bangkok as their equipment is very bulky and heavy and needs experts to be setup at a different location than theirs. This is equally a huge issue for VR events in Bangkok, where mobile and wireless VR equipment are needed for a full immersion and convenience in setting up and moving the VR systems.

Avoid VR headsets with cables

Bangkok VR Rentals

At Bangkok VR rentals, our goal is to democratize virtual reality to offer a total VR Bangkok experience. Our focus is on offering the most advanced VR equipment in Bangkok, that can be delivered directly to your doorstep with a less than 3 minutes installation. This way, anyone can enjoy a VR session with peace of mind and no brainer setup process. Moreover, our background is not engineering but event organization. We have more than 20 years+ of experience in organizing all kind of private events, with a beautiful portfolio of clients such as Microsoft, Bacardi, Dell, Ahlstrom, Dell, Ducati, Gucci, Air Liquide, Accor, Marriot, and hundreds more, with a 100% satisfaction rate. This experience makes us the best choice if you are looking for a virtual reality event or celebration in Bangkok. We are providing the necessary technical assistance, as any other VR provider such has Total VR Bangkok but we also offer our event animation services with our professional yet super friendly animation team to make your VR event even more fun and exciting. Whatever the kind of VR event you are looking for, VR team building event, VR kids’ birthday, VR promotional event, VR artistic event, VR friends gathering, VR bachelor party, VR contest, or any VR celebration, you knocked at the right door and you will not be disappointed!

Rent Oculus Quest 2 Bangkok

Contact Bangkok VR rentals now for a free quotation for your Total VR Bangkok experience, we will be glad to share our VR passion with you!

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