Play virtual reality in Bangkok

Looking for the best options to play virtual reality in Bangkok? Bangkok VR rentals offer many ways to play virtual reality in Bangkok. You can come to our VR venue to play your favorites virtual reality games with the support of our technical and animation staff. Another way would be to rent our virtual reality equipment, that be delivered directly to your doorstep, with possibility to have get our technical assistance on demand. And finally, we can organize a full virtual reality event at the location of your choice for any kind of event (Birthday parties, team building events, etc).

Play virtual reality in Bangkok

Play Virtual reality

Bored of playing the same usually mobile, Nintendo and PlayStation games? Upgrade your gameplay and jump into the virtual world! With more than hundreds of VR games and VR experiences, you can play virtual reality, with the certitude to find the right VR games for you. Sport, Adventure, escape rooms, co-op, shooting, rhythmic and AR games are available for your pure entertainment. We also offer to play on several headset at the same time for co-op games. And we even have VR games that can be played in co-op with other players using their mobile phones. We also stay on top of the new coming games and you will be sure to be able to play virtual reality on any game, as long as they are released minimum 48 hours before the rental or event. Enter the void with Bangkok VR rentals to spend a fun and interactive time with your friends, colleagues, or family.

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Virtual reality in Bangkok

It has never been so easy to play virtual reality in Bangkok, with Bangkok VR rentals. Bangkok VR rentals offers the best rates in Bangkok, the most advanced VR systems (Oculus Quest 2, no computer or cables required) and a full technical assistance et VR event organization services. Virtual reality in Bangkok is now a common mean to celebrate any occasion with relatives and friends, anywhere, anytime, the way you like. There are numerous VR venues in Bangkok, but they are all very expensive and offer obsolete technologies. Their VR equipment come with computers and bulky cables, which make it impossible to transport for rental for event and make it difficult to play with cables systematically curling up your body and legs and making the gameplay inconvenient. At Bangkok VR rentals, we offer state-of-the-art VR equipment and the largest choices of VR games and experiences, whatever your requirements are.

Virtual Reality in Bangkok

Play VR games in Bangkok

If you want to play VR games in Bangkok, you knocked at the right door. If you are not sure of the best way to play virtual reality in Bangkok, our friendly team will be happy to advise you based on your budget and needs. Do you want to play VR games in Bangkok, at your own place? At our VR center? All options are possible to play VR games in Bangkok, you just need to let us know what you need and we will make it happen! The most famous game currently on the market is called ‘’Population one VR’’ and is a kind of Fortnite but in VR with a user friendly gameplay and a ton of fun. You can fly, climb any surface, revive your teammates, choose the right weapons for your battle. If you want to play VR games in Bangkok, do not miss this game, which is the only ‘’battle royale’’ game available currently.

To conclude, it is now very easy to play virtual reality in Bangkok, with Bangkok VR rentals, as you can rent our advance VR system to play without any computer or bulky cables, we can arrange any VR event for you, we offer a large panel of VR games and VR experiences and we provide technical assistance if needed. Jump into the virtual reality now with Bangkok VR rentals!

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